Thursday, 10 October 2019

ഈയടുത്ത് പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ച ആദായ നികുതി ഇളവുകള്‍ വെറും മരീചിക

ഈയടുത്ത് പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ച ആദായ നികുതി ഇളവുകള്‍ വെറും മരീചിക- The recently announced income tax sops are just a mirage- हाल ही में घोषित इनकम टैक्स ब्रेक महज एक मृग मरीचिका

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Two years before on the occasion of REPUBLIC DAY the eBook “A FRAUD IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION” was published as an anti-corruption movement narrating from my own real life experience. Thanks for making it a grand success by the interest shown by you in buying the eBook or the later published Paperback. I am also thankful to those thousands and thousands of people who had read the free part of the eBook available in the Amazon. Second part is nearing completion considering the feedback received from the well-wisher readers. 
To read free part of the eBook, go to 'Look inside' in the link:-